Data and information management for the LTER-Europe network

A key feature of LTER is the need for long-term management of data and information. Because LTER activities are planned with a long-term view, careful consideration is given to data management, storage of specimens, locations of measurement plots and so on. Data management in particular is an important issue within the LTER community, and there is much activity to improve methods of long-term data management, data sharing and provision of access to data.

Data as well as metadata are managed by the different sites and platforms and because there are many different data owners, storage systems and data formats, using these data in an combined way often presents technical and legal challenges. The LTER community is, therefore, working hard to overcome these difficulties. Work has been done via several projects (ALTER-NetEnvEuropeExpeER, eLTER H2020 project ) and in partnership with other ILTER members. 

DEIMS Environmental Information Management System

Built using Drupal, DEIMS provides metadata on LTER sites, LTSER platforms, datasets and personnel. It provides a central repository for much LTER-related information. All sites and platforms have received a persistent identifier (DEIMS.iD). For all individual Belgian LTER-Belgium sites, this DEIMS.iD is provided at the site summary information under "Sites and platforms" on this website.

Further information

For further information on information management in LTER-Europe, please contact Johannes Peterseil, johannes.peterseil @


last modified on 04 Feb 2016