Welcome to LTER Belgium 

LTER-Belgium stands for “Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network” in Belgium.

It is a national network of sites engaged in long-term, site-based ecological and socio-ecological research.

Site-based:  We are carrying out regular monitoring and research of broad spectrum of environmental variables at a local level (LTER Sites) and of environmental as well as socio-ecological variables at a sub-regional level (LTSER platforms).

Long term: We conduct research and monitoring with the time horizon of decades.

System approach: We aim to better understand complexity of ecological and socio-ecological systems, dynamics of abiotic and biotic variables, role and dynamics of system components, and interrelations between them.

Process-oriented research: By tracing dynamics of interactions between different components of socio-ecological systems we aim at understanding complex cause-effect relationships and their dynamics in time.


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